Tainan 8899 One Day Pass (purchase the Tourist Shuttle No.88 route and get the Tourist Shuttle No.99 route for free)

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Tainan 8899 One Day Pass (purchase the Tourist Shuttle No.88 route and get the Tourist Shuttle No.99 route for free)


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As part of the tourism bureau’s “Taiwan Trip”, the No.88 Anping Shuttle and the No.99 Taijian Shuttle, takes you on a sightseers journey of Tainan. The service will allow you to stroll past Fort Provintia/Chikan Tower, Eternal Golden Castle, Anping Fort, Anping Tree House, Confucius Temple, Koxinga Shrine, Sicao Ecological Park and Qigu Salt Mountain; and take you to the street foods you cannot miss. The speedy service will allow you to fully enjoy and soak in the history filled city of Tainan.

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 ≣ Service Information ≣

No.88 Tainan Circuit Route

The shuttle offers a one-way circuit services that starts at 10:00 and ends at 20:00 with 20-minute intervals every day. The service centers around the heart of Tainan and stops at most tourist attractions. Passengers are encouraged to take the shuttle to visit iconic attractions such as Confucius Temple, Tainan Art Museum Bldg 1 and 2, The Judicial Museum, Lin Department Store, Fort Provintia, and then through to You-ai Street, Guo-hua Street, Shen-nong Street and An-hai Road to sample the best local street foods of Tainan. The shuttles depart regularly on 20 minute intervals for you to enjoy the best the city of Tainan has to offer.


No. 99 Anping Taijian Route

The service provides passengers to attractions in Anping District and Qigu District. Passengers on this service will skip unnecessary waiting time in the CBD of Tainan, the bus departs at Tainan Park, and stops by Koxinga Shrine, Confucius Temple, Lin Department Store, Fort Provintia, Zhongzheng Market, Eternal Golden Castle then straight to Anping, then north bound to Sicao Ecological Park (Dazhong Temple) and Qigu Salt Mountain. Through this simplified route, the service can provide an easier access for tourist thinking of spending time in Tainan.


Shuttle Schedule ≣

Tourist Shuttle No.88 Tainan Circuit Route:http://busmap.tainan.gov.tw/ebus/pathInfo.jsp?pathId=1088&locale=zh_TW

Tourist Shuttle No.99 Anping Taijiang Route:http://busmap.tainan.gov.tw/ebus/pathInfo.jsp?pathId=1099&locale=zh_TW

*Times are subject to change, please refer to on site announcements and official website for accuracy.

Route Info ≣

【88 Tainan Circuit】

Tainan Train Station (South Exit), Confucius Temple (National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Tainan Arts Museum Bldg 1), Lin Department Store, The Zheng Ancestral Shrine, Fort Provintia, Ximen, You-ai Street Entrance, Little Ximen (Tayih Landis Hotel), Yonghua Station, Zhongzheng and Haian Intersection, Shen-nong Street, Liren Elementary School, Gongyuan North Road, Tainan Bus Station, Chenggong Road, Tainan Train Station (South Exit).

【99 Anping Taijian】

Tainan Bus Station, Tainan Train Station, Koxinga Shrine (Fuqian Road), Jian Sing Junior High School (Fuqian Road), Lin Department Store, The Zheng Ancestral Shrine, Fort Provintia, Zhongzheng Market (Taiwan Trip), Eternal Golden Castle, Indigenous Cultural Hall, Yianping Street, Anping Oyster Shell Cement Kiln Museum, Anping Fort (Anbei Road), Old Tait & Co. Merchant House, Anping Tree House, Crowne Plaza (Anbei Road), Sunset Platform, Taijiang National Park Information Center, Sicao Ecological Park (Dazhong Temple), Sicao Wildlife Refuge, Luermen Bridge, Mazu Temple (Chengan Road), Long Shan Village, Taiwan Salt Museum, Qigu Salt Mountain, Taiwan Salt Museum, Hailiao Pier, Hailiao Mangrove Station, Liukong Service Station & Visitors Station, Black-Faced Spoonbill Museum of Zoology, Black-Faced Spoonbill Observational Pavilion (Bird Watching Pavilion).

*Please refer to Tainan Bus Official Site for the precise routes and times for 99 shuttle during bird watching season.


※No.88 Tainan Circuit: Please show your QR code, and have it scanned by our staff to get on board.

※No. 99 Anping Taijiang: Please show your QR code to the Southern ticketing kiosk situated in Tainan Train Station. Have the code scanned to redeem a paper ticket. Keep the ticket safe as we do not re-issue nor refund the ticket if it is lost or damaged.

※This offer is for full-priced tickets only, other type of tickets should be purchased on-site.

※Prior to the expiration, both the No.88 route and the No.99 route can be used without boarding limits.

※Contact Us::(06)2219177

※Offer Period: please redeem during service operating hours. Redeemed tickets can only be used on the day. Cannot be used cross-days or on multiple days. Thank you for your cooperation.

※If the product is not redeemed, please head to Tainan Fun Card official website, app or email for refund applications.

※The system does not offer order adjustments, if you need make any changes, please cancel the order and re-order again.

※The QR Code is for 1 user only, cannot be redeemed more than once.

※If pets are on board, it will need to be charged a ticket at half-price. No seats can be allocated for pets.

※Please bring on board a vessel to hold your pets in while on board. Each passenger is allowed to carry 1 pet, with the carrying vessel no larger than 27 cubic inches in size.

※※If weather, natural disaster, traffic, on road accidents or other events of force majeure that results in delaying of the service. The company retain the rights to delay or stop all bus services.

※Operating Hours: Please refer to Tainan Bus’official webpage for Shuttles schedule.


No.88 Anping Route:http://busmap.tainan.gov.tw/ebus/pathInfo.jsp?pathId=1088&locale=zh_TW

No.99 Taijian Route:http://busmap.tainan.gov.tw/ebus/pathInfo.jsp?pathId=1099&locale=zh_TW

※Bus services info:https://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/bus/12

※During National Holidays, New Years Eve and New Year Holidays, please refer to official websites for any changes in operating hours.

※Tickets are redeemed and timed upon boarding. Multiple use are not allowed. 

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