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The Gold Museum is housed in the former offices of a mining company, Taiwan Metal Mining Co. It fully displays local mining history and how people lived at the time.

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Besides the museum itself, there are tunnel experience, historical shrine site, Four Joined Japanese-Style Residence, Jinguashi Crown Prince Chalet in the Gold Museum grounds. The must-see spots include: the Gold Building where you can learn about mining culture and the physical characteristics of gold, and touch the Guinness record gold brick that weighs 220 kg; the Benshan No.5 Tunnel where you can experience a recreated mining scene in the tunnel; Jinguashi Crown Prince Chalet, one of the finest surviving wooden Japanese buildings in Taiwan; and visit Jinguashi Shinto Shrine. After enjoying the famous and delicious “miner bento” lunchbox, don’t forget to  take the complementary steel bento box home as souvenir!

Opening in November 2004, the Gold Museum was the first museum to run as an eco-museum, focusing on sustainable resource management and eco-tourism. Meanwhile, it’s been working together with communities to preserve the precious ecology, historic mines, landscape and history in the Jinguashi and Shuinandong areas.

(Source: NTPC Travel Website and Gold Museum Official Website)

Address No. 8, Jinguang Rd., Jinguashi, Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
Phone 02-24962800
Remark Hours: Monday~Friday 9:30~17:00, Saturday~Sunday 9:30~18:00; closed on the first Monday every month


Take a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Gold Fulong Route bus to the Gold Museum.

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