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Let a small wish soar up into the sky! A wish written with your own hand will shine brightly in the darkness on a nine-meter-high sky lantern-shaped glass curtain with almost 200,000 LED lights.

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The Sky Lantern Police Station is a combination of tourism service and public safety service; it is also the first landmark upon entering Pingxi from Muzha and Shiding districts along County Road 106. The 2nd floor of the building is a police station, tourist service center and food shop; the 3rd floor is police dorm and observatory. The sky lantern culture of Pingxi has been added to its architecture design, nicely merged into the local street view and the skyline like a sky lantern standing at the end of Jingtong old street praying for happiness!

 Every evening, the Sky Lantern Police Station displays the light show every half hour from 4pm to 7pm (8pm on weekends). Also, the police station will introduce the history of sky lanterns and the local culture of Pingxi. In addition, it offers customized sky lanterns. Tourists can write down their blessings and wishes on post cards or attach photographs and see them slowly rise on the main sky lantern structure in the plaza, which is a different experience from traditional sky lanterns.

(Source: NTPC Travel Website)

Address No. 141, Sec. 2, Jing’an Rd., Pingxi Dist., New Taipei City
Phone 02-24952358


Take a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Muzha-Pingxi Route bus to Jingtongkeng (Old Street).

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