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[Application for Refund]

On the App: Members > My Orders > Transaction Records (Paid Orders) > (Click) Refund
On the website: Members > My Orders > (Click) Refund

Once we receive your application for refund, we will process your application manually. The process takes about 30 working days. Your refund might not be reflected on your latest bill. The refund may be reflected on your next credit card bill if the date of the current month’s bill is before the time taken by the bank to process your refund. Please contact your bank if your wish to confirm the refund before it appears on your bill.

[Ticket Refund]

- A refund for an expired unused or partially used ticket or package is subject to the rules and regulations of the organization that issued the ticket or package. Regulations may differ across organizations. Used value will be deducted from the refund, and different handling charges may also apply. Please refer to the details of your package or to public notices for more information.
- For refund of travel vouchers, the price is calculated in the cash value of the ticket and by the distance covered.
- For online purchases, you can use our cloud services to confirm if tickets have been used. You may apply for a refund if they have not been used.
- Transport options are updated from offline sources. Thus, refunds may only be processed after information has been uploaded and confirmed.
- If travel packages have been booked under an anonymous EasyCard that has been damaged, lost, or stolen, payment may not be terminated by the card holder. In such a situation, regulations from Article 735 and the proviso under Article 720, Paragraph 1 of the Civil Code do not apply.